Frequently Asked Questions

Do the boosters have the access to my IP and RP?

No, boosters will not have any access to your IP or RP whatsoever.

Can the boosters play with the champion or role that I want?

You can choose champions and roles that you would want to be used by our boosters by emailing us directly at: [email protected]

Can I watch the games performed by the booster on my account?

Yes, you can use your smurf account to watch it.

My booster isn't doing as well as I would like him to, can I get a different one?

Yes, you can email us directly with your request at: [email protected]

There have been no games played on my account for hours now, why does this happen?

There's a lot of reasons why this can happen. If there are no server problems then you should contact us directly at [email protected] or your booster through Skype. We will absolutely figure everything out so that your boost runs smoothly.

Can I play on my account while you're working on it?

Yes but before the game you will need to check if a booster isn't currently playing on your account. After you've made sure that no booster is playing on your account, you can play unless otherwise specified by your booster (usually via Skype). Remember that you can play all game modes apart from ranked solo/duo 5v5 based on the order you place.

I've made a mistake in my order and I picked the wrong server, what shall I do?

If you made a mistake in your order from our elo boosting site, feel free to shoot us a direct email at: [email protected] and we’ll solve it very quickly.