Benefits of a LoL Boost

You may be wondering what you will get out of choosing us for your LoL boosting. Don’t worry, this time we will be looking at the many benefits you’ll get from choosing Ace Elo.

Get Into the League You Want

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Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first. Based on what league you choose on the lol boost order screen, we will get you into the league you want. Our lol boosters will strive to get you into your chosen league as quickly as possible.

Whether you are in your Placements, or 500 games into Silver, our lol boosters will grind until your order is complete. You can monitor your progress real-time on any of the many account checking websites (such as LoL King). We just ask that you please not login while we are completing the order, as to make sure you don’t interrupt a team fight on accident!

Gain Champion Mastery & Chests)

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A benefit that a lot of our lol boosting clients forget is Champion Mastery & Hextech Chests! Based on your conversation with your lol booster, we can play a certain champion during our play. As we complete your lol boost order, we will be constantly earning mastery xp for that champion. It’s up to you if you want us to play one champ. You should also think about whether you want us to play a low level champ or if you want us to go for Mastery level 6 & 7.

We also get you Hextech Chests & Keys! The higher tier you choose, the more games it will take to get there; which gives us ample time to get you a few chests & keys. Our lol boosting staff will NEVER open your chests (we love the anticipation just as much as the next person). Our lol boosters try to maintain the highest level of play possible, but we can’t always guarantee chests or keys (stupid RNG). We will try our hardest though!

End of Season Rewards

As long as you choose Silver V or above for your lol boost, you will earn some unique rewards. Everyone that has been placed this season (completed placement games) will earn a summoner icon. BUT, every division Silver V & above receive a nifty little loading screen border around their champion. Each League has a unique loading screen border & icon, so choose wisely!

If you happened to choose Gold V or above for your lol boost, you will also earn a unique Victorious skin (which they have yet to announce) for Season 6. Beyond this, there are no other rewards you can earn. So if you are lol boosting to get rewards, Gold V is the baseline for maximum rewards.

Learn Alongside Us

There are two different ways you can learn during your lol boost: Duo Queue Boosting & LoL Coaching.

When ordering your lol boost, you can choose the option to Duo Queue Boost for an additional fee. What you get out of this fee is much more than it is worth. Our team of Master+ lol boosters will share their wealth of knowledge while completing the order. Too aggro in lane? Maybe you’re too passive? Our lol boosters will point out an area they think you could improve on, and will offer advice on how to fix it.

If you choose our LoL Coaching service, boy do we have a lot to share with you! We’ll start by going over your past/current performance to come up with a plan for improvement. Your LoL Coach will spectate your games and mark down timestamps to review with you after the game. You two will then discuss the mistakes and how to correct them, rinsing and repeating until your LoL Coaching order is completed.

Let’s Wrap It Up

As you can see, there is more to lol boosting than just getting a higher rank. You’ll get Champion Mastery, Hextech Rewards, IP, and Season Rewards. Some of our lol boosting clients who choose the Duo Queue Boost or LoL Coaching will also get a unique perspective on how they can improve themselves & climb the ladder more quickly!

Thank you for reading & for choose Ace Elo for your LoL boosting needs.

What Happens in an Elo Boost

What Happens in an Elo Boost

You may have thought about purchasing an elo boost, but may be a bit unsure of what happens. Hopefully through this article you will see what happens, and hopefully clear up any confusion you may have.

Step 1 – Purchasing Your Elo Boost

The first step may be simple enough, but it can make a huge difference in the long run! Whether you are starting from Bronze or starting from Platinum, making sure you purchase the correct package is very important.
First you need to decide if you want our elo boosters to play by themselves (on your account) or if you want them to duo-queue boost you (on an appropriate level account). While playing on your account will be faster, duo queue boosting gives you the opportunity to learn and grow as a LoL summoner. The choice is entirely up to you!

Regardless of which option you choose, you will need access to an email and Skype account. This is just to confirm your order and to contact us & the elo booster assigned to you.

choose your lol boost medal, elo boost medals

Step 2 – Processing Your Elo Boost

After purchase, an elo booster will be assigned to your order based on your specifications (usually within an hour). Someone from our team will be assigned to take on the elo boost, and will discuss if there are any unique requests. One example is if you only want them to play The Devil/Teemo in all your games.


From there, you and the elo booster assigned to you will workout a timeframe in which they will perform the elo boost (if purchasing a solo-queue boost). If you purchase a duo-queue boost, you two will discuss the timeframe in which you are available to play.

We use VPNs to ensure no one tracks our logins. We always maintain a 100% secure environment, which also includes us not messaging anyone in-game. Feel free to track your elo boost through online tools such as LoL King. Until your elo boost is complete, please do not login to your account.

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Step 3 – Finalizing Your Elo Boost

After your elo boost is complete, your elo booster will get in touch with you via Skype to give you the report of how the boost went. Although we stay in constant contact with our clients, some elo boosts may take a bit longer to complete due to external circumstances (stupid AFKers). The elo boosters will do whatever it takes to complete the order.

Your elo boost report will include the match history. It will also inform you of any Champion Mastery increases as well as any Hextech Chests we earned. You will know the W/L record, KDA, everything!

At the end of the elo boost, we would love to hear how it went through either email or by reviewing us on Facebook! You will also have to make the choice of continuing the climb yourself or immediately placing a new order. If you choose to go on the climb yourself, remember that we also offer LoL coaching as well!

Have fun out there summoners!